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Testimonials From Satisfied Members

With Smart Retailing, you would be saving tons of money from purchases you periodically do such as groceries or maybe just having a dinner, even traveling, movies, attractions, and more! Many of our customers were thrilled to share their positive experiences seen below.

  • Christy

    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • I have used my membership to save money on flowers for different occasions, hotel rooms locally for family members staying over the holidays and also when traveling. The program also helped us save money in a different town when our car's transmission went out while travelling. I make it a point to try to look up discounts before buying now. Thanks to all the businesses that participate in this program.

  • Harry

    New York City

  • I have saved quite a bit of money on eating out with the coupons from my membership. But the most savings I have experienced is in the hotel savings. Two weekends ago my family traveled to Tulsa, OK for my son`s college graduation and we stayed at a Day`s Inn. The going rate was $68 but we got the room for $48. I check for savings especially when we travel.

  • William


  • I don't know if I can count how much money my membership has saved me. Anytime I go anywhere, or do anything, I first look to see if there are discounts with membership. I have saved money on hotels, car rentals and theme parks. Then, of course, there is the huge amount of money I have saved on clothes for myself and my family, dinners, musical equipment and entertainment.

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